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Shandong Demian Group Co., Ltd
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 Shandong Demian Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1997, it is a large-scale and state-owned enterprise group dealing with spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, knitting, garments as well as I/E operation. Demian Group governs 13 all capital or holding subsidiaries, including Demian Incorporated Co., Ltd etc. Demian Group owns 410,000 spindles, 6496 open-end spinning units, 47 sets of comber, 3470 sets all kinds of loom, 6 printing and dyeing production lines, 1013 sets of knitting machines, general assets RMB 3.07611 billion and more than 16,120 employees.
    It is fine in management, as well as has passed the attestation of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 E.M.S. and OHSAS18001 occupation health safety administer system. The group owns strong technology power and complete technology development system, it has passed attestation of technical center of province level. The Group walks steadfastly “science and technology to develop the enterprise” the path and advances continually technology innovation. Demian Group has successively implemented the first, the fourth, the sixth and the eighth batch of national-debt technological transformation projects, introduced the modernized equipment to the production line. Now, the group owns international advanced level 385 sets of 190cm air-jet loom, 198 sets of 190cm rapier loom, 56 sets of 230cm air-jet loom, 328 sets of 280cm air-jet loom, 20 sets of 330cm projectile loom, 154 sets of 340cm jacquard air-jet loom, 84 sets of 340cm dobby shedding air-jet loom, 32 sets of 360cm dobby shedding air-jet loom, 32 sets of 390cm projectile loom. These excellent equipments have opened up the product realm of production enormously and have been adapted to the high-density broad width fabric market demand. The group can produce in 180S purified cotton, polyester cotton, man-made cotton and mixture yarn with diversified component, as well as gray cloth, filament, elastic cloth, dyed-yarn woven cloth, printed and dyed cloth, knit goods, bedding articles, industrial cloth, army cloth and garment series products and so on thing with width 44″-145″. The enterprise has the annual production 40,000 Ton yarn, 100,000,000 meter cloth, 60,000,000 meter printing and dyeing cloth and 10,000,000 piece knitting unlined upper garment and trousers abilities. The group implements the brand impetus strategy vigorously and strengthens the brand construction unceasingly. Enterprise well-knownness and the product competitive power promote day by day. “Demain ” brand is evaluated key cultivation and development brand by the National Development of Commercial Affairs. “Demain ” brand products have obtained the right to use international standard mark and it enjoys free inspection in export. It has good reputation and is well known in the market. The products are sold to Europe, US, Japan and Southeast Asia etc.
    The enterprise always can keep good and fast trend of development as well as it has got remarkable economic and social benefit by logical orientation and right choice, and the group’s synthetically economic target has come out top in nationwide textile enterprises. It has obtained Wuyi labor praise, the honor of 50 standard management model enterprises in nationwide, double-civilization advanced enterprise in nationwide textile system, the honor of 20 furthest rivalrousness in nationwide cotton enterprise, current management sample enterprise in Shandong province, excellent self-management I/E enterprise in Shandong province, and customs credible enterprise etc.
    Now, the whole of group are going all out for construction of Demian Industrial Park. And the group take the industrial park as a chance, it will come true to fly advance and exceed development limited, and Demian group will become stronger and bigger by newly industrialized road of high-tech, good benefit, low consumption and low pollution.
    The chairman of the board, general manager, secretary of the party committee-Wang Jiayi and all the stuff are will to cooperate with all walks of friends at home and board to build the beautiful tomorrow.
Shandong Demian Group Co., Ltd
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