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Weiqiao Textile Company Limited
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 Weiqiao Textile Company Limited ("Weiqiao Textile" or the "Company", together with the subsidiaries collectively known as the "Group") is a non state-owned enterprise and is principally engaged in the production, sale and distribution of cotton yarn, grey fabric and denim. The Company is the largest cotton textile producer in China. Leveraging on the rapid growth of the Chinese economy in the last decade, the Company has established a strong.
    presence in the global cotton textile market through its large production scale and advanced technology and equipment.
    Weiqiao Textile is located in the Shandong Province, the third largest cotton-producing province, with a large production scale. There are a total of 4 production areas, including Weiqiao Production Base (The First, The Second and The Third Production Area), Binzhou Production Base (Binzhou Industrial Park, The First Production Area and The Second Production Area), Weihai Production Base (Weihai Weiqiao Textile Company Limited(“Weihai Weiqiao”) and Weihai Weiqiao Technology Industrial Park Company Limited(“Weiwei Industrial Park”)) and Zouping Production Base (The First Industrial Park of Zouping , The Second Industrial Park of Zouping and The Third Industrial Park of Zouping ), with an aggregate gross floor area of about 3,900,000 sq.m. and a total of approximately 152,000 employees. The production facility is in operation 24 hours a day. In 2006, the Group had a production volume of about 882,000 tons of cotton yarn, 1,634,000,000 meters of grey fabric and 175,000,000 meters of denim. Weiqiao Textile's economies of scale is incomparable in China. In addition, being an integrated cotton textile producer, the Group produces grey fabric and denim from its own cotton yarn. There is a comprehensive product range comprising more than 2,000 varieties, which are sold under the reputable “WeiQiao” trademark in domestic and overseas markets.
    According to the statistics of China Chamber of Commerce for Imports & Exports of Textiles,Weiqiao Textile ranked number 1 in terms of the aggregate export values of yarn and fabric in the PRC.
    In foreignal market,we have over300 overseas customers spanning across 20 countries and regions.Major customers of the Group include a few market leaders in the textile industry, such as Fountain Set Group and Texwinca Group and other famous merchants.In national market,we have near 2,000 domestic customers,many companies are located in HuaNan and HuaDong zone and many large textile and clothing company.
Weiqiao Textile Company Limited
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