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Shandong Huale Textile Co., Ltd
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  Shandong Huale Textile Co., Ltd.owns
    300,000 spindles, 200 twisters and advanced spinning technology.Since 2002,it has become the only specialized producer of fine pure combed cotton yarns in China.
    The company obtained ISO9001 Quality System Certificate in November 1999 and was granted the import and export right in 2000. Its main products include Huale pure cotton combed yarns and O.E. yarn series. The quality of its core products of JC80S above single yarn and PLY yarn has achieved the level of 25-5% of the 2001 Uster Report, and the two products were named "Shandong Inspection-free Product" and "Famous Brand of Shandong".We produce fine pure cotton yarns and insist on the guideline of "Professionalism, High Technology, Quality and Brand".We attach importance to product quality instead of production scale.
    First of all, the first-class equipment has contributed to the high quality products. The company introduced a lot of world advanced textile equipment such as Swiss Rieter E32 ribbon lap machine, E62 comber,Italy SAVIO "ORION M" autoconer and the Japanese Muratec NO.21C autoconer and so on. Besides, the company has been carrying out technological innovations to lay the foundation for making high quality products.
    In addition, the talented professionals have contributed to the high quality products. Since the company was founded, the company has communicated with and learned from other advanced enterprises and introduced high quality technical professionals; in the
    meantime, the company has also sent
    outstanding staff to study in textile universities and established its own professional polytechnic school for staff training and improving the staff's comprehensive ability.
    Furthermore, the high quality management has contributed to the high quality products. Under the guideline of "constant improvements and innovations" and in view of its own characteristics, the company managed to improve the product quality through on-the-spot management, continuous innovations and centering on quality management.
    High quality products and after-sale services have won the clients' trust: The company has established good business relations with many domestic well-known clients and set up a good image among the clients.
    High quality products and after-sale services have won the company many honors from China National Textile &Apparel Council, such as "Shandong Quality Inspection-free Product","Quality-trustworthy Product","Top 50 Chinese Textile Enterprises for Sales Revenue","Top 10 Competitive Textile Enterprises in China"and"Top 20 Competitive Textile Enterprises in China".
    Aiming at advanced, high-tech and refined products, the company has invested to transform the equipment so as to have the ability for 30,000 spindles compact spinning & siro spinning yarn production, enrich the high-end product line and sharpen the company's competitive edge.
    Ding Jiucheng, the general manager of Shandong Huale Textile Co., Ltd, welcomes friends from all walks of life to instruct, negotiate business and establish friendly partnerships on the basis of reciprocal and mutual benefit.
Shandong Huale Textile Co., Ltd
 Company Name: Shandong Huale Textile Co., Ltd
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 Address:West of Zhaitoupu, Leling ,Shandong,China.
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