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Wuxi No.1 Cotton Mill
About us
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 Wuxi No.1 Cotton Mill was established in 1919. With development of several decades, it has become an industry group with cotton textile production as its main business as well as the printing, dyeing and garmentsl, is now one of China's leading textile enterprises.
      Currently, the Mill is equipped with 500,000 compact set spinning spindles, 300 sets of weaving loom, produces 20,000 tons of yarns, 50 million meters of gray fabrics each year. The enterprise now can export its products to outside countries directly. Some 75% of the products are exported, mainly to EU,Japan, Korea, America, South Asia, Middle East and South East Asia.
      The trademark 'TALAK' has been registered in 50 countries such as America, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Madrid Agreement countries. The 'TALAK' labelled high-grade cotton yarn are used by some world noted brands such as:Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Debenhams, Drillards, Giordano, Hugo Boss, JC Penney, Liz Claiborne, Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Talbots etc.
    Philosophy of business
      Select premium raw materials from all over the world, employ skilled personnel, operate advanced textile machines, produce quality products, supply to high requirements clients.
    Raw material source
      Cotton: Xinjiang China, SJV America, Egypt, Australia etc. Such as Xinjiang 129,137 SJV Akala Gm 1 1/8" Pima G 2 1 7/16"
      Polyester and Acrylic staple staple fiber: Toray Japan T403 1.2D 38mm
      Viscose: Lenzing Austria
      Spandex fiber: Dupont America
    Quality control
      We carry out ISO9001,ISO14000 standard, adopt the auto-control technology and net technology to observe and control the production in an automatical and centralized way.
      Yarn quality can be up to 5% level of Uster statistics 2001. For gray fabric inspection, we use American 4 point system and Japanese 10 point system. We have customer service department dealing with customer claims, replying within 8 hours for domestic customers and 24 hours for foreign customers.
Wuxi No.1 Cotton Mill
 Company Name: Wuxi No.1 Cotton Mill
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 Phone:0510-82854546-813  Fax:0510-82852374  Postal/Zip Code:214031
 Address:No.21 Tuanjie mid-Road, Xishan economic development zone,Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
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