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Core-Spun yarn Exhibition
   Product name-Specification  Company Name  
spandex core-spun yarn J60S+ 30D、J50S+30D、J50S+40D、J40S+40D、J32S+40D\40S+40D、30S+40D、21S+ 40D、21S+70D、20S+40D、16S+70D、10S+7 NanYang textile Co.,Ltd
Corn spun yarn 6s,16s 21s 28s 32s 40s Weifang Haitian Cotton Weaving Co.,Ltd
Core-Spun yarn many kinds Henan pinmian textile Co, Ltd.
polyester filament core-spandex yarn according to clents' request Shandong Shenxian Feitai Textiles Co.,Ltd
spandex core yarn JC40+40D、JC50+40D Shandong Jide Ecological Technology Co., Ltd
pure cotton core spandex yarn 16S/70D------JC60S/30D Fujian Kartex Textile Co.,Ltd
polyester/polyamide Conducting fibre core-spun yarn and thread all kinds Nantong Tianhong Yinhai Industrial Co.Ltd
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