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PLY yarn processing Exhibition
   Product name-Specification  Company Name  
pure cotton carded and combed double twist yarn c32S、C40S、JC18—60S、compact spinning 32—50S、21/2—60/2 JiangSu YueDa Textile Group Co.,Ltd
pure cotton combed plied yarn 40-80S/2 Shandong Shenxian Feitai Textiles Co.,Ltd
various artificial silk plied yarn 75D-1500D 1*2、1*3、2*2 and so on XinXiang City FuXiang Special Thread Co.,LTD
artificial silk drop thread 450D light1*3 XinXiang City FuXiang Special Thread Co.,LTD
PLY Yarn Processing 20S-100S DongYing City TianXin Textile Co.,Ltd
Yarn processing Selecting raw material, washing cashmere, washing wool, wool carbonisation,separate combing goat cas XINJIANG TIANSHAN WOOL TEXTILE STOCK CO.,LTD
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