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Carded yarn Exhibition
   Product name-Specification  Company Name  
100% cotton yarn CM40SKX ShanDong Weiqiao Textile Company Limited
gray yarn T/C65/35 Ningbo Guoneng CO.,LTD.
32s OE YARN  100% cotton Jiangsu Pyramid Textile Technology Co. Ltd
import 20s/1 cotton yarn 20s shandong shengrun textile co.,ltd
yarn 21s shandong shengrun textile co.,ltd
100%cotton carded yarn 10s 16s 18s 20s 24s 30s 32s 40s Weifang Haitian Cotton Weaving Co.,Ltd
100% carded yarn 40s Sanyang Textile Co., Ltd
carded cotton yarn 32S,40S Henan Tianxing Textile Co.,Ltd.
carded cotton yarn 60S,21S,26S Fujian Huapin Textile&Clothing Industries
Recycled cotton yarn Ne9~32 Shanghai ShenAn Textile Co.,Ltd
Cotton USA yarn Ne10~60 Shanghai ShenAn Textile Co.,Ltd
pure cotton reeled yarn  C22R HeZe Galaxy Textile Co.,Ltd
100% cotton carded yarn 40s JinTan HuaMao JinSheng Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd
100% cotton carded yarn 10-40 N e JiangSu YuLun Textile Group Co., Ltd
100% cotton yarn 21s 32s 40s and double yarn FoShan agency ,HeNan hongyun textile Co.,Ltd
100% cotton yarn 21s , 40s HeNan hongyun textile Co.,Ltd
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